How to Fix a Leaky Roof

How to Fix a Leaky Roof

Benefits of Asbestos Roof Replacement

When you find asbestos in your home, the rule is to leave it undisturbed if it is intact. When disturbed, asbestos can be dangerous due to the dispersal of asbestos fibres. For this reason, you should hire a professional to replace your existing asbestos roof. There are a few benefits of asbestos roof replacement, including the following: Safety hazard An asbestos roo

Three Ways That Guttering Protects Your Home

Water might seem innocuous, but this seemingly harmless element can cause untold damage to a home if you allow it to roam freely and settle wherever it wishes. So a building needs strict control measures. Guttering is your first line of defence against the destruction that water can passively cause. Here are three ways it protects your home. Draining Water Off The Roo

4 Ways Winter Weather Can Damage Your Tile Roof

Your home should be your warm little haven when the cold, wet and windy winter months roll around. Unfortunately, the property itself is going to be under added stress when the weather turns bad, and your tile roof will be particularly vulnerable. Here are just four ways winter weather can damage your tile roof. 1. Heavy Winds Can Lift Tiles Away and Cause Impacts Dur

Why "DIY Vs. Hiring An Expert Roofer" Is No Longer A Debate In Asbestos Roof Replacement

Roofing work of any kind, be it the installation of a new roof, repair works, routine maintenance, or removal and replacement of roofing, comes with several inherent risks. Even the DIY aficionado knows all too well that roofing work calls for extreme care in order to avoid any accidents and incidences. DIY just isn't an option when working with asbestos roofing. &nbs

Is There A Right Season To Engage In Metal Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement is a massive project. Therefore, if metal roof replacement needs to be undertaken on your property, you need to determine when will be the best time. While some homeowners may assume that the onset of the summer or the winter will be the right time to bolster the efficiency of their roofing by stalling a new one, the reality is these are some of the w