How to Fix a Leaky Roof

Reasons To Consider A Roof Restoration

The roofing is one of the most interesting parts of a home exterior, forming a pointy pyramid, a flat roof, and many other shapes. If it looks dilapidated and past its prime, the entire facade of your home will suffer. There are plenty of other reasons besides this to undergo a roof restoration — read on to discover what some of these are.

Prevents Further Damage

Covering the top of a house, the roofing bears the punishment of the elements, which at times will be driving rain. Thus, if it has rifts or holes, rainwater leaks inside. Over time, this moisture decays the timber beams that support the cladding, possibly soaking further down to the ceiling plaster. A roof restoration includes a painstaking inspection, after which any cracked or dislodged tiles are replaced or repaired. On metal roofing, any holes will be fixed or substituted. Delaying a restoration will allow the water to settle into the structure further, leading to more damage and higher costs.

Lowers Energy Bills

Another way you'll benefit from a mended roof is with lower energy bills. Hot air naturally climbs, so in winter, warm air will escape through any cracks. Thus, you'll needlessly pay higher heating bills. A restoration will shave these costs by sealing your home. Contractors can also place a waterproof membrane called sarking underneath the cladding for more security. You'll be better off in summer too. Roof gaps let heat enter, forcing the air conditioner to work extra hard. The roofing contractors can — as an extra measure for greater efficiency — cover the cladding with a reflective coat that redirects heat away. 

Refreshes The Facade

Rejuvenating the appearance of your roof, a restoration will boost the appearance of the entire facade. Your home won't be brought down by holes or by tiles or metal sheeting dangling unevenly out of place. The process involves pressure cleaning, after which a coloured coating can be spread across the surface. You could use the existing hue so that the cladding looks new again. Otherwise, you could take the opportunity to pick a different colour that better complements the external walls and trim. With a beautiful roof, you'll be able to refurbish other features such as fencing or painting. Previously, such repairs would have made the roof look older and more worn in comparison. Thus, you'll enjoy an appealing facade and a more efficient home.

To learn more, contact a roof restoration company.