How to Fix a Leaky Roof


Advantages of Colorbond Roofing for a Home

It can be tricky to pick a suitable roofing material for a home. One possibility is Colorbond. Here are several advantages to consider. Colour Variety The colours are so beautiful on these roofs, and they come in a wide range. Choose between beige, grey, blue, green, red, cream, and other shades. The hues are nature-inspired, and their muted, earthy tones blend with t

5 Signs That You Need New Roof Paint

Metal and concrete tile roofs depend upon a painted on membrane seal to protect them against the effects of weathering and the development of leaks. Roof paint is much less expensive than a roof replacement, so it is important to know when it is time to have the paint reapplied. Failure to do so when necessary can lead to roof damage and the need for a new roof. 1. Ag

5 Benefits of Residential Insulated Roof Panels

Don't overlook insulated roof panels when you are shopping for a new roof for your home. Although traditionally used on commercial buildings, new designs and colours are quickly making these a favourite for residential homes as well. 1. Superior R-Value One issue with roof insulation is achieving significant R-value without a lot of bulk or weight. Roof panels achieve

Dark vs. Light Roof Colour: Factors to Consider When Making a Choice for Your Roof

The choice between dark and light roof colours may seem like an easy one to make. However, there's more to this process than choosing a shade you like. Roof colour plays a vital role in a home's exterior appearance and energy efficiency. Thus, before choosing dark red shingles or blue metal roofing, it's important to note how the hues can affect the structure's longev