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Advantages of Colorbond Roofing for a Home

It can be tricky to pick a suitable roofing material for a home. One possibility is Colorbond. Here are several advantages to consider.

Colour Variety

The colours are so beautiful on these roofs, and they come in a wide range. Choose between beige, grey, blue, green, red, cream, and other shades. The hues are nature-inspired, and their muted, earthy tones blend with the garden and landscape. Plus, you can pick from colours designed explicitly for heritage homes if you want to stay true to the character of these buildings.


With Colorbond, you won't have to worry about the roof rusting quickly. The sheets are treated with different coatings to prevent this. For example, they feature a zinc-magnesium alloy coating that hinders corrosion. The topmost powder-coated paint layer further shields the roofs from the elements. The corrugations on the sheets also reinforce the steel, ensuring that the roof does not dent or damage easily.

Lightweight Nature

You'll have less hassle during construction than with roof tiles. Metal sheets are quite light, and their large size means they can be laid over a roof quicker than many small tiles. If you have a heritage home or you're roofing a large building, a Colorbond roof won't exert undue stress on the building structure. Conversely, once tiles are spread en masse over a house, they combine to form a hefty weight. Tiles require more extensive roof-frame support underneath as well.

Suits Diverse Structures

Colorbond roofing can cover many building styles and structures because of their nature. As these sheets are lightweight, you can use them over a large area. Your home design may feature a relatively flat roof over a large open living area without walls, for example. Metal sheets can also be curved to form interesting roof shapes. Plus, they can cover traditional gable roofs that look like an inverted V-shape or hip roofs with their pyramid form.

Helps Rain and Snow to Glide off the Roof

The ribbing on the sheets not only makes the metal more robust, but it allows rain and snow to easily flow off the roof into the guttering and to the ground. The grooves come in different profiles, sizes and depths to handle varying amounts of rainfall. Your contractor can advise on what's best for your local climate. The smooth surface of metal roofs also lets the snow slide off. Conversely, it can get stuck between the tiles on a tiled roof and cause moisture damage.

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