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Why There Are Many Reasons to Build Your Home With Timber Wall Frames

Some people think that they need to build a home out of bricks, blocks or masonry to ensure that it is as strong as possible and able to resist mother nature. They think that anything less may not be able to survive a landfalling tropical system, an earthquake or a fire. Yet there is every reason for them to look at a home built from timber frame, and it may be more responsible from an environmental perspective as well. Why is this a better solution?


In today's age, everyone should try to lower their carbon footprint and especially if they are building a new home. Wood frame houses have the lowest amount of embodied energy when compared to any other building material, and your home could also become a carbon store to keep those captured greenhouse gases at bay. The Australian government is keen to promote timber that is sourced in the country as well, and this means that it is carefully stewarded and only sourced responsibly or sustainably.

Practical Considerations

Be that as it may, you will want to ensure that your home is safe, strong and durable.

To begin with, timber frames these days are specially treated to repel termites, and this can provide you with additional peace of mind against those silent, subterranean pests. This type of wood has predictable properties as well and may not contract or expand markedly during extreme weather. As a consequence, this can help to protect your interior cladding, which is less likely to crack due to movement.

Additional Advantages

If you do your research, you will find that timber-framed houses have been around for generations and have been able to withstand adverse weather, subsidence and seismic activity.

These homes are much simpler to install and alter once in place too. This means that you can gain at the outset and as the years go by. Remember, timber frames are usually assembled off-site, and this can cut down on your overall build time. They are easier to renovate as well, should you need to expand your home in the future.

Due to their insulation properties, homes built with timber wall frames will typically have a higher R-value than otherwise. Expect to see lower bills as a consequence.

The Advantages Go on

These are just some of the advantages associated with timber wall frame construction. For a full list, get in touch with your supplier or builder and ask them to help you draw up a plan.