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Benefits of Asbestos Roof Replacement

When you find asbestos in your home, the rule is to leave it undisturbed if it is intact. When disturbed, asbestos can be dangerous due to the dispersal of asbestos fibres. For this reason, you should hire a professional to replace your existing asbestos roof. There are a few benefits of asbestos roof replacement, including the following:

Safety hazard

An asbestos roof can present a risk to you and your family. When the roof breaks or displaces, it disperses asbestos particles into the air. Asbestos fibres are hook-like and, once breathed in, can attach themselves into your lungs. Inhaling asbestos fibres leads to severe medical conditions and incurable diseases such as cancer. For the safety of your family, it is essential to replace your asbestos roof as soon as you can afford it.

Property value

Homes with asbestos roofs can have a significantly reduced property value, which is not ideal if you are planning to sell. The question of cost is affected by the condition of the roof. An asbestos roof in good condition will decrease less in value than an old roof that requires instant repairs. If you put your house on the market, prospective buyers will want all the details concerning the home. Having an asbestos roof is not something you can hide in the listing of the house. This will lead to low house bids, as prospective buyers will need to replace the roof for their safety. If you do plan to resell your home, then consider replacing the roof now.

In addition, the property value will depend on current market conditions. If there are fewer bids for your property, then the buyers may attempt to decrease the price. Your negotiation power will reduce due to the presence of asbestos.

Home insurance

Has your home had a revised insurance quote lately? Insuring a home with an asbestos roof could be more expensive than regular rates. Before an insurance company can protect your home, they have to enquire about the presence of asbestos. Many homeowners assume this question means that the company is worried about insuring a home that can be costly to repair. However, this is not the case. Many home insurance policies usually do not cover damage caused by asbestos.


With asbestos roof replacement, timing is essential. As soon as a lab test confirms the presence of asbestos, you should contact a professional immediately. Replacing your roof earlier can result in less damage and will be more comfortable and quicker.