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4 Environmental Benefits of Adding Skylights to Your Home

It's becoming increasingly trendy to make eco-friendly additions to your home, and it isn't hard to understand why. After all, people are all becoming more and more aware of how the choices they make impact the planet. And you don't just help protect Mother Earth by making those choices — going eco-friendly can also help lower your monthly utility bills and make your home more attractive if you ever come to sell.

With that in mind, you should really think about adding skylights to your home. They may not seem to make a huge difference at first, but here are just four reasons why they're great for anyone looking to go eco-friendly.

1. Natural Heating  

One of your main energy costs will always be heating. With a skylight, you can heat a room naturally since sunlight will be able to stream in directly throughout most of the day. That even happens when it's cold outside. Modern skylights are great at keeping out the cold, so they'll let in the light that heats your home while keeping the heat inside. If you're really interested in eco-friendly heating, you can use one of the more recent skylight innovations to provide even more daytime heating. Mirrored reflectors and sun-tracking cylinders can do a wonderful job.

2. Natural Cooling

If you live towards the north of the country, you might be more concerned with cooling bills than heating bills. However, here again, skylights can help — all you need to do is fit ones that can open wide. With a skylight open, heat can get out and cool breezes can get in. At the same time, you can simply choose a tinted skylight or fit a blind to keep the sunlight from coming in and heating up your home.

3. Natural Light

Besides heating and cooling, most people spend a lot of money on lighting. While windows can somewhat reduce the need for artificial lighting, skylights are better because they tend to be larger and are set in a position that lets sunlight stream in throughout nearly all of the day. Instead of flipping on lights, you'll be able to save money by relying on the sun.

4. Sustainable Construction

Finally, keep in mind that modern skylights can be sustainably constructed. Look for manufacturers who recycle all their scrap while using as much recycled material as possible. Since the construction of a skylight is relatively simple and uses relatively few resources, it's not the type of home renovation that involves a large environmental footprint.