How to Fix a Leaky Roof


Why There Are Many Reasons to Build Your Home With Timber Wall Frames

Some people think that they need to build a home out of bricks, blocks or masonry to ensure that it is as strong as possible and able to resist mother nature. They think that anything less may not be able to survive a landfalling tropical system, an earthquake or a fire. Yet there is every reason for them to look at a home built from timber frame, and it may be more r

Reasons To Consider A Roof Restoration

The roofing is one of the most interesting parts of a home exterior, forming a pointy pyramid, a flat roof, and many other shapes. If it looks dilapidated and past its prime, the entire facade of your home will suffer. There are plenty of other reasons besides this to undergo a roof restoration — read on to discover what some of these are. Prevents Further Damage Cove

4 Environmental Benefits of Adding Skylights to Your Home

It's becoming increasingly trendy to make eco-friendly additions to your home, and it isn't hard to understand why. After all, people are all becoming more and more aware of how the choices they make impact the planet. And you don't just help protect Mother Earth by making those choices — going eco-friendly can also help lower your monthly utility bills and make your

Benefits of Asbestos Roof Replacement

When you find asbestos in your home, the rule is to leave it undisturbed if it is intact. When disturbed, asbestos can be dangerous due to the dispersal of asbestos fibres. For this reason, you should hire a professional to replace your existing asbestos roof. There are a few benefits of asbestos roof replacement, including the following: Safety hazard An asbestos roo

Three Ways That Guttering Protects Your Home

Water might seem innocuous, but this seemingly harmless element can cause untold damage to a home if you allow it to roam freely and settle wherever it wishes. So a building needs strict control measures. Guttering is your first line of defence against the destruction that water can passively cause. Here are three ways it protects your home. Draining Water Off The Roo