How to Fix a Leaky Roof


How Can a Metal Roof Reduce Summer Heat Transfer?

When you're choosing a new roofing material, you have more to think about than just covering your home with a roof you like the look of. You should also think about insulation and energy efficiency. A good roof insulates your home and reduces your energy costs. This is very important if you live in a region with long hot summers as you may spend a lot of time and mone

Asbestos roof replacement

Due to the volatile and harmful nature of asbestos to humans, it was outlawed as a roofing material in Australia in 2001. However, many houses built prior to the banning of asbestos still have traces of it in the roof and the gutter. Asbestos was popular due to its feature of acting as an insulator as well as cheap installation. Asbestos sheets, however, contain betwe

Three Tips To Spring Clean Your Metal Roof

Winter has finally passed, and now is the time to start cleaning up your home and gardens to be ready for the summer months ahead. One part of the home which often gets overlooked on the spring cleaning checklist is the roof. However, the roof collects dirt and debris over the autumn and winter period, so it needs attention now too. As someone who has recently moved i

Why Is Cladding Important?

Roofing cladding is a material that is used to cover the exterior of a building. It protects the building from weather effects and offers insulation. Where can cladding be used? Cladding can be used on external walls and roofs. External walls consist of facades, framing, internal lining, sarking, spandrels and insulation. What is cladding made of? Cladding can be made

Hiring Experts for Asbestos Roof Replacement

Most houses that were built many years ago have asbestos roofing. This puts homeowners as well as their families at high risk of breathing in asbestos fibres. Because asbestos roof material deteriorates, it starts releasing toxic fibres in the air. Asbestos was a popular roofing material in the early years, but its toxicity has already come into light. When you breath