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Hiring Experts for Asbestos Roof Replacement

Most houses that were built many years ago have asbestos roofing. This puts homeowners as well as their families at high risk of breathing in asbestos fibres. Because asbestos roof material deteriorates, it starts releasing toxic fibres in the air.

Asbestos was a popular roofing material in the early years, but its toxicity has already come into light. When you breathe its fibres, you can get serious illnesses like asbestosis or lung cancer, including mesothelioma. The government brought in legislation for handling this material after it was confirmed to be a hazardous substance in 2003. Now, residents need to hire licenced experts when they need asbestos roof replacement services.

Contact the experts

Not everyone is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to asbestos roof replacement. You simply can't climb up to the roof to remove the roofing material yourself because you will be putting yourself, your family and neighbours at an asbestos contamination risk. The best option is to call in asbestos experts to remove the roof since this is a risky business. These experts will access the roof then carry out a controlled removal of the asbestos and replace the roof.

Steps experts will use to remove asbestos from the roof

Although asbestos roof replacement is an essential step towards securing your safety and that of your family, the process can be difficult. Luckily, professionals have the right expertise and equipment for:

Stabilizing the asbestos – even with careful handling, the asbestos fibres may break free. So, experts will spray PVA glue over the roof when starting the job for safety purposes.

Removing the screws – the screws that hold the roof must be loosened and removed.

Removing equipment on the roof – if you had installed a solar panel or an air conditioner on the roof, the equipment needs to be removed carefully before removing asbestos.

Removing the asbestos – due to fragile asbestos nature, the experts can't risk breaking the tiles or sheets since the poisonous fibres may be released into the environment. The professional will lower the asbestos using a machine life or by hand.

Wrapping the asbestos – when handled roughly, asbestos disintegrates easily, so it needs to be wrapped in a special plastic material then sealed before it's moved from the site.

Cleaning the roof – your roof needs to be cleaned thoroughly using industrial-strength vacuum cleaners. This will get rid of the traces of asbestos fibres.

Sealing the roof – once cleaned, the roof needs to be sprayed with a coat of PVA glue to stabilize unseen fragments of asbestos fibres.

For more information, contact your local roof repairs service.