How to Fix a Leaky Roof

Asbestos roof replacement

Due to the volatile and harmful nature of asbestos to humans, it was outlawed as a roofing material in Australia in 2001. However, many houses built prior to the banning of asbestos still have traces of it in the roof and the gutter. Asbestos was popular due to its feature of acting as an insulator as well as cheap installation.

Asbestos sheets, however, contain between 5-10% of asbestos and it is integral to your health to replace it. Any structural damage to your house can cause asbestos fibres to be released from the roof, which can then be inhaled. Asbestos attacks the lungs and causes Asbestosis that leads to shortness of breath and can even cause death.

Replacing asbestos roofs

You can determine if your roof contains asbestos by having samples of your roof sent to Asbestos removal companies. When collecting samples yourself, care should be used and protective clothing worn. It is, however, advisable to let a professional do this and avoid exposing yourself or your family to any asbestos that may be present. After determining that your roof contains asbestos, the next step is to have your roof replaced.

Professional asbestos removal companies usually charge $50-$100 per square meter of a roof. They also charge disposal fees, inspection fees as well as the cost of buying a new roof. The total cost could amount to $15000 for a house that is roughly 150 sq ft. While this cost may be high, your health is more important.

The process of the replacing asbestos roof is:

It is important to note that while roofs may contain asbestos, sometimes the entire house or building can be contaminated. If you suspect your building is contaminated with asbestos, contact a professional asbestos removal company immediately. Asbestos is harmful to your health and leaving the roof in for longer may result in harmful consequences.