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Three Tips To Spring Clean Your Metal Roof

Winter has finally passed, and now is the time to start cleaning up your home and gardens to be ready for the summer months ahead. One part of the home which often gets overlooked on the spring cleaning checklist is the roof. However, the roof collects dirt and debris over the autumn and winter period, so it needs attention now too. As someone who has recently moved into a home with a metal roof, you may have never cleaned one of this type before. Here are three tips to get your roof clean and ready for another year of protecting your family.

Check For Damage First

Before you can clean your metal roof, you need to check and see if any damage was sustained over the autumn and winter months. Summer brings with it violent stormy weather, so you want to trust your roof is going to protect you when the summer rains begin to fall. You need to get onto the roof to inspect for damage, but if you are not confident doing this, then you need to hire a roofer to do this inspection for you. Things you are looking for is gaps between the metal roof sheets, rust around roof nails, and holes around entry points like chimneys. These holes need to be repaired before the roof is cleaned so that water doesn't enter your roof cavity and damage your ceilings.

Remove Algae And Mould

Once the roof has been repaired, then it can be cleaned. The main reason for cleaning a metal roof is because algae and mould grow on the metal during damp weather. These fungi damage the metal if left unattended on the roof. Spray algae and mould with household vinegar, as this changes the pH levels of the fungus. It cannot grow if you change the pH level, so spray it with undiluted vinegar and leave it for a couple of days to die. You can then easily pick the dead fungus off the roof sheet.

Wash The Roof

Once the fungus has been removed, then you can wash the roof clean. The easiest way to do this is to wash the metal using a powered water blaster with a roof attachment. If you do not own one of these, then you can rent one from your local tool store. The alternative is to wash the roof sheets by hand using detergent and a scrubbing brush, but this is a very labour intensive way to get your roof clean.

By adding your metal roof to your spring cleaning list, not only do you get rid of the winter debris buildup, but you also ensure your home's curb appeal is attractive to all those who drive past it.

For more tips on caring for your metal roofing, contact a local roofing company.