How to Fix a Leaky Roof


Top Questions To Ask Your Roof Truss Manufacturer If You Are Taking The Custom Option

Roof trusses are a structural framework that is used to bridge the space above rooms of a house under construction while providing support for the roof. They are a preferred option because they are cost-effective, easy and faster to install, and they can be designed to suit the design of your home. Roof trusses might be bought when they are ready-made, or the buyer ma

A Guide to Roof and Guttering Repairs

Roof leaks can be due to a number of issues. This includes broken tiles, cracks in capping, poorly installed flashing, the buildup of leaves in guttering and rusted guttering, brackets, roof sheets or screws. If the issue is not fixed, leaking can lead to serious damage to your property. This damage may affect but is not limited to fittings, furniture, walls, ceilings

What You Need to Know About Modern-Day Roof Trusses

Many people think that the roof truss is a fairly recent invention, as you see very few examples in use in older homes around your neighbourhood. Even though this approach is being adopted in earnest by roofing contractors these days, it's actually based on an 18th -century invention and was perfected for use in home building shortly after World War II. Certainly

Why You Should Use Fibre Cement Siding For Your Home

Fibre cement is a building material that is mostly used in roofing. You can renovate your house and make it look new once again with a few improvements. You can achieve this by working on the exterior of your home. With fibre cement siding, you can easily get that new look that you desire. Fibre cement is composed of sand, cement and cellulose fibers. These days, most

How Can a Metal Roof Reduce Summer Heat Transfer?

When you're choosing a new roofing material, you have more to think about than just covering your home with a roof you like the look of. You should also think about insulation and energy efficiency. A good roof insulates your home and reduces your energy costs. This is very important if you live in a region with long hot summers as you may spend a lot of time and mone