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Top Questions To Ask Your Roof Truss Manufacturer If You Are Taking The Custom Option

Roof trusses are a structural framework that is used to bridge the space above rooms of a house under construction while providing support for the roof. They are a preferred option because they are cost-effective, easy and faster to install, and they can be designed to suit the design of your home. Roof trusses might be bought when they are ready-made, or the buyer may request that they are custom-made. Finding a reliable roof truss manufacturer may not be difficult, especially when you work with your architect to look for one. Throughout their career, your architect must have worked with different manufacturers and will be able to point you towards the right manufacturer. However, after you have found the ideal manufacturers, you need to be sure that they will match up to their reputation and expectation. Read on to find out how you can make sure you have selected the right manufacturer.  

What type of material are they going to use?

Roof trusses may be made with either steel or timber. Steel is preferred because of the extra firm support it provides your roof, whereas timber is preferred due to its affordability. Ideally, manufacturers should have the capability to manufacture trusses from both materials. Unfortunately, you may have a disadvantage when it comes to the aspects to look into before you settle on the material to use. Ask the manufacturer the best material to use for your home, and request that they explain to you why that is the case. An unscrupulous manufacturer may suggest steel to make money; hence it is essential that they explain to you the underlying reasons. Also, inquire about the quality of the materials used.

Will they provide you with a plan?

Trusses are designed, manufactured and often assembled at the manufacturer's premise. It is important to ask for a plan on how the work will be done and what the complete and assembled roof truss will look like. Usually, the manufacturer will provide you with a roof truss that reflects the plan. The essence of the plan is to let you know what to expect.

Is the price inclusive of transport and installation?

As noted earlier, the trusses are often assembled at the manufacturer's premise, then transported to the construction site and installed. Trusses are generally cost-effective; how effective the cost is will depend on what the manufacturer is charging you. If they charge you separately for transporting the trusses to your premise and installing them, you need to determine whether, when put together, the overall cost is not too expensive.