How to Fix a Leaky Roof

A Guide to Roof and Guttering Repairs

Roof leaks can be due to a number of issues. This includes broken tiles, cracks in capping, poorly installed flashing, the buildup of leaves in guttering and rusted guttering, brackets, roof sheets or screws. If the issue is not fixed, leaking can lead to serious damage to your property. This damage may affect but is not limited to fittings, furniture, walls, ceilings and house structure. Signs of a leak may include wet insulation, stains in the ceiling, mould or internal water entry. Roof repair services can repair or replace your roofing or guttering.

Roof Repairs

Depending on the problem, your roof may be in need of repairs. If your roof consists of tiles, some of the tiles may need to be replaced. If your roof is metal, a roofer may be able to repair it. If your roof uses shingles, a roofer may replace shingles, repair cracks or realign incorrectly lined-up shingles. If your roof capping has become loose, it can be repointed.

Gutter and Downpipe Repairs

A roofer can unclog your gutter and fit a guard to reduce the likelihood of your guttering becoming blocked. If your guttering is corroded, which typically occurs when there are leaks, it will need to be replaced.  

Replacing Roofing

Roof replacement can be carried out with roofing materials such as tile, steel, cement, metal or terracotta. Your roofer can advise you as to which material is most suitable for your property. Your decision may also be influenced by the aesthetic that you wish to create.

If your roof is metal, a roofer can remove the metal and dispose of it. They will fit new battens if this is required. They will install new insulation, as well as gutters and downpipes if necessary. There are various different types of metal sheets that can be used on your roof, your roofer will discuss this with you.

Replacing Gutters and Downpipes

Roofers can replace your gutters and downpipes. These can be made from materials such as steel or PVC. PVC gutters and downpipes are typically a more budget-friendly option. Your roofer can help you to choose gutters and downpipes that will suit your property.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration can be used to improve the appearance of your existing roof and repair any small issues, such as broken tiles. Roof restoration can include high-pressure cleaning to remove moss, algae and dirt. A coating of an anti-fungal substance can also be applied to prevent the growth of mould.