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How to choose the right gutter mesh for your home

Gutter guards are vital in order to protect your gutters from becoming blocked with accumulated debris, which can cause them to overflow and damage your property. Gutter mesh is an ideal type of guard, but the type you need will depend upon the specific conditions your property will experience.

Coastal areas

If you live near the coast you may find quite a lot of salt spray in the air. Salt is a highly corrosive material that can damage aluminium and other metals, leaving a white deposit on the surface and weakening the metal itself. In this case you might be best off using a mesh made from polyethylene, which will not be subject to this corrosion. If you want a metal mesh, stainless steel is much more resistant to salt spray and should be long-lasting.


If you live in a bushfire area, your number one priority should be to use a non-combustible material. In this case, you should avoid plastic or polyethylene meshes as they will be highly flammable. A metal mesh made of aluminium or stainless steel will be much safer and should be able to withstand high heat; you should look out for one that is clearly labelled as being bushfire resistant.


The whole point of gutter mesh is to keep leaves and twigs out of your gutter, but you may find that your guttering regularly becomes clogged with seeds, pine needles or other small debris - seeds may even start sprouting and develop into a larger problem. In this case, the material of the mesh is not as important as the size of the holes; large gaps will allow more debris to come through, so you should look for a mesh that has much smaller openings in order to protect your gutters.


Finally, you may find your gutters are regularly invaded by possums or other vermin — you may even find birds nesting in them. Here, the strength of the mesh is an important factor. Heavier metal meshes will be much more difficult for pests to chew or tear their way through, and it is less likely that small holes will develop naturally that they could take advantage of and use as an entrance.

Choose the right gutter mesh, and your gutter problems will become a thing of the past. Just talk to your supplier about your circumstances, and they will be happy to recommend the right type of mesh for your home.

For more information on the right gutter mesh for your home, contact a company near you.