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4 Ways Winter Weather Can Damage Your Tile Roof

Your home should be your warm little haven when the cold, wet and windy winter months roll around. Unfortunately, the property itself is going to be under added stress when the weather turns bad, and your tile roof will be particularly vulnerable.

Here are just four ways winter weather can damage your tile roof.

1. Heavy Winds Can Lift Tiles Away and Cause Impacts

During the winter, winds tend to get a lot stronger, and that can take its toll on your roof. For starters, heavier winds can blow loose debris – including broken branches - against your roofing tiles, potentially breaking them. More importantly, heavy winds can actually lift your tiles away from the roof. They might not pull them away completely, but they might loosen them enough to create gaps.

2. Rain Can Penetrate Gaps

You should already appreciate that one of your roof's main responsibilities is forming a barrier against moisture. If rain gets through, the felt under your tile roof will perish and you'll start risking serious structural damage. Such damage is more likely during the winter since there tends to be more rain. Additionally, winter winds are often heavy enough to whip rain around, so it's more likely to penetrate any gaps in your tile roof.

3. Freezing Temperatures Can Cause Cracks

If you live in a colder part of the country, you're likely to experience freezing temperatures as winter rolls around. When it's raining or snowing during cold conditions, the water that gets on your roof can freeze and expand. As the water expands, it places added strain on your roofing tiles, which often leads to cracks. Additionally, the movement created by expanding moisture can cause tiles to come away. Remember, a cracked tile is more of a hazard during the winter due to heavy rainfall.

4. Animals Can Come Calling

One problem people often fail to think about is that small animals are more likely to try and worm their way into your property during the winter months. After all, they feel the cold and rain too, and getting into your property forms some measure of protection. Unfortunately, tiles roofs represent a weak spot. If there are any gaps, small animals can push their way through. Obviously having animals living in your home isn't ideal, but the main problem here is that their activity can cause further damage by pushing tiles out of alignment and chewing on the underlay.

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