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How to Pick the Right Colour for Your Metal Roofing

Deciding that you're going to have a metal roof may not be exciting; choosing the colour of your roof may be a bit more of a thrill. While you may think that metal roofs are all the same, they actually come in a wide range of colours from the neutral to the stand-out striking. What colour should you pick for your metal roofing?

Is Heat an Issue?

If things get hot where you live in the summer, then keeping heat out of your house is important to you. Your roof colour can help.

For example, light colours reflect more heat; dark colours suck heat in more. So, if you choose a light or neutral shade, then your roof will get less hot. If it holds less heat, it can't shift it into your house as much.

Do You Want to Make a Statement?

If heat isn't a problem, then your only concern may be the colour of your roof. While some people go for traditional colours, other people prefer more unusual shades on their roof. So, you could choose a rustic terracotta, vibrant dark green or deep blue metal to make your roof really stand out.

Do You Want to Blend In?

If you prefer to keep things simple or don't want your roof to become a talking point for the whole neighbourhood, then more subtle shades may be your best option. Neutral colours like grey or beige are popular choices; traditional colours like blacks and browns also keep things simple.

Tip: If you can't decide how a colour will look when your metal roof is installed, take a drive around your neighbourhood and look at other people's roofs. This gives you an idea of what will work for you and what won't.

How Quickly Do You Need a Roof?

If you need your roof to be installed quickly, then your schedule may affect your colour choice. Your roofer may be able to quickly source metal roof supplies in colours that are commonly used. However, they may have to order in supplies in colours that aren't used that often.

Tip: Before you make a final decision, it's worth asking your roofer if your colour choice impacts on your installation time.

If you're torn between a couple of colours, ask your roofer for advice. They know what does and doesn't work on a metal roof and can be a useful source of tips.